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5 skills you need to boost your Resume

Looking for a way to get that dream job quickly? Here are some 5 skills you need to boost your resume. When deciding who should take the next step in the hiring process, employers often pay close attention to skill level. That’s why you need important skills to enhance your resume to get that job.

The skills section of your resume demonstrates to potential employers that you have the ability to succeed in the position.

Contrary to popular belief, developing new skills isn’t as difficult if you put in the time and effort.

It’s also getting easier and easier to learn new things without the aid of apps and websites, so having at least one ability to make your resume stand out is a must. The category of these skills is divided into two groups, mainly technical skills and soft skills.

Hard Skills Vs Soft Skills

Employers like to work with people who have the ideal mix of technical and soft skills.

Technical skills are skills specific to a job or a sector of the economy. These are usually more specialized skills that you can acquire through formal education, professional development courses, training manuals, or on-the-job training. Technical skills may involve skills in areas such as:

  • Software
  • Foreign languages
  • Use of specific machinery or equipment
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On the other hand, soft skills are skills that can be used in any position. Soft skills, sometimes called “relationship skills” or “social skills”, encompass skills in areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Problems solving
  • Leadership in time resolution

Although soft skills, which are usually personality attributes, are more difficult to develop, they are generally much more desirable for employers.

Technical skills, on the other hand, are generally teachable. In some cases, your soft skills can usually complement your technical skills.

Let’s take a look at five skills you need to improve your resume.

1. Communication skills

The abilities you use when giving and receiving various types of information are known as communication skills. Examples include expressing thoughts, emotions, or what is happening in your environment.

The four Cs of communication is listening, speaking, observing and empathizing. Every industry and at every job level values ​​having great communication skills.

Additional communication capabilities include:

  • Audition active
  • Relational interaction
  • Speaking in public
  • Verbal and non-verbal exchanges
  • Written correspondence

2. Computer skills

The ability to understand and use various technologies is a component of computer skills. Hardware capabilities, which can be as basic as knowing how to turn gadgets on and off, allow you to physically run a computer.

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Your ability to use the software effectively will improve your productivity. Employers may consider certain software skills as requirements for the job, such as using Microsoft Office packages, a certain coding language, or knowledge of email management.

Getting courses from UdemyCoursera, and even YouTube videos can help you develop those skills to add to your resume.

3. Language skills

According to studies, 30% of administrative and clerical job vacancies go unfilled each year due to a lack of foreign language skills among applicants.

Including language proficiency on your resume makes you more marketable and stands out.

You can use apps like Duolingo, Busuu, and Rosetta Stone or even watch YouTube videos to help you master your language of choice.

4. Problem Solving Skills

It takes certain skills to identify the root cause of a problem and immediately discover a workable solution.

Every role and sector places great importance on this capability. You may need to have certain technical skills related to your industry or position to solve the challenges of your role.

To develop this skill, you will need to have a good eye for detail, collaborate, have good communication, and do proper research.

5. Design skills

If you have design skills, employers won’t hesitate to hire you. An example of creativity is designed. Learning design skills will help you improve your resume.

Graphic designers are in high demand as the number of functions increases. Learning graphic design is a way to earn money in addition to developing a skill.

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Most graphic designers charge upwards of $50,000 for work that can be completed in as little as three days.

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