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10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon

Wondering what type of business to kickstart in Cameroon? Here are some of the top best 10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon. In Cameroon, many people would like to open a business, but have no ideas. With this article, you will find ideas for lucrative projects to avoid investing your money unnecessarily.

Our list of 10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon

Real Estate is a very lucrative business idea

With a population of 27,340,120 inhabitants, Cameroon is a country in constant growth, but with a deficit of nearly 3 million housing units, it suffers from a housing crisis, particularly in the big cities. Creating housing will only be beneficial for this country and also for those who embark on this adventure.

Venue rental for events

10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon - Real Estate

We know the excitement around major events. The latter are of all kinds and hold an important place in Africa and particularly in Cameroon where weddings and other celebrations are very frequent.

Pig farming: an activity that gives huge profits

Pig farming - 10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon

This profitable business is booming in Africa and especially in Cameroon which is a predominantly Christian country with nearly 69% of the population. Pork is one of the most popular meats in the world and the demand is constantly increasing.

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The brewery is a very profitable project in Cameroon

10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon

Cameroon is the first consumer of beer in Africa with nearly 30 litres per year and per inhabitant. The brewery is an increasingly growing sector and tends to extend its clientele with the arrival of non-alcoholic beers.

The sale of smartphones

In Africa, despite its technological backwardness, we notice that more and more smartphones are being sold and have become essential for working.


E-Commerce: 10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon

This business is becoming profitable with a constantly growing demand. Physical businesses are going digital to make more profits, especially in Africa where many people are starting to shop online.

Vehicle sale and rental

10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon

This business is very present in Africa, especially in Cameroon, where the vehicle fleet has increased from 400,000 vehicles in 2010 to 1.215 million in 2018 and it continues to increase due to demand which doubles every 4 years. The sale and rental of vehicles is a profitable business idea in Cameroon not to be missed for your businesses.

Rental of workspaces

10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon

In recent years, many companies have emerged from the ground and they are increasingly looking for premises to deploy across the country. Indeed, approximately 14,229 new companies were born in 2019 alone.

Poultry farming

10 profitable business ideas in Cameroon

This business is very profitable, thanks to the high and growing demand. In 2006, the consumption of chicken meat was 2.2 kg per capita and in 2016, it increased to 5.6 kg in Cameroon.


More and more people take out insurance, whether for their property or for themselves. In Cameroon, this market brought in 210 billion FCFA in 2020 alone.

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